Friday, 29 May 2015

Engagement in Victoria Park // Jade + Jon

Not a better day could have been picked for this session.

It was a breezy, bright mid-afternoon as I walked down organic shop and cafe-filled Lauriston Road towards The Royal Inn on The Park by Vicky Park.

Victoria Park was designed by the mentee of John Nash - who designed Hyde Park, so it has a lot of influence from the famous park without the over-crowding. Naturally, I suggested it as the backdrop for Jade and Jon's engagement shoot before their wedding this Summer.

I met them by the pub where they greeted me with huge grins. We'd set the date for them to come down to London for the day months and months before, so we were collectively chuffed at the beautiful weather. 

We spent the next hour walking around the quiet part of Vicky park, where amongst cherry blossoms and warm rays of sunshine, we made these beautiful images.

I hope you enjoy them!

Young couple Jade and Jon stand by a leafy tree in Victoria Park for their engagement shootRomantic image of couple facing each other and smiling in the sun
Couple laugh together at the park in the afternoon
Couple share a tender kiss at their engagement shoot in East London
A kiss on the forehead at the park
Bright portrait of young couple in the park
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