About Me

"We're getting married, but it won't be a traditional ceremony, in fact, it will be nothing like a wedding!"

Hello! My name is Caterina and I'm an alternative wedding photographer: I shoot intimate, homemade wedding in a creative, relaxed and natural style.

When I was young(er) I pulled out my parents’ civil wedding album. When I got to the last pages, I saw it. A photograph taken by my parents’ friend; mum clad in her very best, blissfully smiling with my dad arm in arm, and their best friend with a smoking pipe between clenched teeth holding a full bag of rice directly above them. I felt as if I’d been right there, celebrating with them.

In 2011 I set up Caterina Lay Photography and since then I’ve worked in Australia, Peru, Spain and the UK, shooting hundreds of children, pregnancy, engagement and family portraits. My editorial work has also been several months’ cover and content of small Brisbane magazine Village News, published in Brisbane’s The Good Guide as well as in Brisbane News. I was winner of the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s 2011 Photo Competition Awards People’s Choice.

But my inspiration are weddings.

I want to capture your wedding the way my parents’ friend captured theirs, inspiring and evoking emotion. So that one day you look back and are transported back to this very moment.